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The hearth of south east Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is definitely a green hearth and one of the emerging ecotourism destinations.

Ethno village ”Raj u raju”

Incredible nature and gastronomic paradise
Ethno village ”Raj u raju” is in the middle of Sarajevo – Mostar road, more precisely 60km from either city. It is located in the Canyon of Idbar river under the Prenj mountain. Incredible nature, with old walnut trees, vineyards and corn crops. This is a unique oasis for fishing fans and a special challenge for adrenaline junkies. Also the village is a gastronomic paradise for those who want to experience the ancient tastes of healthy and clean food.

Ethno Beys Village

Authentic Bosnian village
Ethno Beys Village is the first Bosnian village in the region where you can feel the spirit of Bosnia in authentic nature environment near Sarajevo, with cosy accommodation and quality healthy food. In addition to the beautiful fresh air and green forests, the hosts offer fruit and vegetable picking activities, sheep keeping, sledding or knitting.

Ethno Village Lukomir-Umoljani

Real harbor of peace
Lukomir sits at an altitude of almost 1.500m on the Bjelašnica Mountain. Therefore, it is the highest and most isolated village in the country. The medieval tombstones that lie scattered around the village suggest that it was inhabited for hundreds of years. 
With the first heavy snows, reaching the village is impossible, except by skis or on foot. Close to the village is a ridge of the Rakitnica Canyon, which drops 800m below and has stunning views. Lukomir is famous for its traditional hand-knitted clothing that have been worn for centuries, and amazing traditional food.

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