Same as mountain hiking, motocross will take you on a journey through extraordinary landscapes of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Enjoy off road adventure
This amazing route is located along the national Park Sutjeska. The route starts from Konjic, leads to Boračko lake and then via macadam route to Zelengora mountain. Many lakes can be seen, among others Orlovačko and Jugovo. The lakes are natural wonders, and is a perfect place for refreshment.
The landscape is stunning with the richness of natural wonders, colors and sounds. The second stop, will be the source of river Neretva. Afterwards the route heads to Tjentište, where is the big monument raised for the Partisans who won over the Germans. Then we will go back to Glavatićevo and complete the amazing trip and enjoyment of a natural spa.


Explore beautiful hills and forests around Sarajevo
This route starts from Sarajevo and head towards the famous day trip place called Barice. From there on, there is an uphill towards Čavljak, where you will find popular mountain homes, have breakfast and enjoy the view of Sarajevo. After that, the gravel road starts and heads to the Bukovik peak. You will go through the amazing nature and landscapes. On Bukovik you can have your second rest, and from there go back to Sarajevo, however using the other path to Nahorevo. On your way you will see the amazing Skakavac waterfall, with the height of 98m. After seeing the waterfall the route will finish in Sarajevo.

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